Go Fishing with Troppo Fishing Adventures

Experience the best Fishing in Samoa with Troppo Fishing Adventures

xperience the best Fishing in Samoa with Troppo Fishing Adventures

We recommend Troppo Fishing Adventures for all your fishing requirements.

The most important thing for Troppo is to ensure that every angler who charters their services has a fantastic time, is put in the position to catch plenty of good fish and hopefully gets the chance to catch the fish of their dreams. And it’s got to be easy, absolutely no hassles from the moment you book your adventure to when you arrive home.

Trolling for Marlin, Sailfish, Yellow fin Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Wahoo, MahiMahi and Spanish Makerel.  All your favourite pelagic species can be caught straight out the front of Apia, within ten minutes of leaving the port you can be on the fish. 

Half and full day charters are available.

FISHING HAS TO BE FUN.  Whether you're a dedicated solo angler, a fishing family, fishing lovers or simply fishing friends. Fishing should always be loads of fun!!!

Talk to our Tanoa Tusitala reception staff for more information, and they can also assist you with booking.  Or call Troppo Fishing Adventures on +685 779 8666