Tanoa Credits are designed to remove the never-ending challenge of how to effectively reward your staff, give suitable birthday presents, deliver simple thank yous, pay incentives, give farewell gifts and recognise anniversaries.

Over 50 Tanoa Credits

1 Tanoa Credit equals $1 - the discount you will receive is 10%

Between 20 and 50 Tanoa Credits

1 Tanoa Credit equals $1 - the discount you will receive is 5%

How Tanoa Credits work... like most great ideas, Tanoa Credits are simple and straight-forward.

We treat Tanoa Credits like dollars so they can be used to redeem on food, beverages and accommodation or any combination of the three at any Tanoa Hotel in Fiji, Samoa or New Zealand.

You can easily purchase Tanoa Credits in a variety of denominations to suit your budget or occasion. Tanoa Credits come in 10 Tanoa Credits (Blue), 20 Tanoa Credits (Green), 50 Tanoa Credits (Yellow) and 100 Tanoa Credits (Red).

When you purchase Tanoa Credits, depending on the amount you purchase, we will give you a discount on the purchase. The more you buy, the greater the discount.

Whoever receives the Tanoa Credits can use them on the basis of 1 denomination of Tanoa Credits equals 1 dollar in any Tanoa Hotel. This way, the person who receives the Tanoa Credit can spend them on whatever they like in any Tanoa Hotel.

Anyone can buy Tanoa Credits in any denomination specified. However, we can only accept cash, cheque or credit card as payment for Tanoa Credits and, should you wish to pay for them by credit card, a 3% administration fee will apply. 

For more information please read our Tanoa Credits Terms & Conditions.

How to Order

Please email us at tanoa@tanoahotels.com to order your Tanoa Credits.

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