The Tanoa Sports Centre is the brainchild of our Tanoa management team.  They quickly realized since the border re-opening, there were a large number of sports teams travelling to our shores, but we have very little world class and professional training facilities. 

We believe that our investment into a world class sports centre will not only benefit the Tanoa Hotel Group but Fiji as a whole in promoting Fiji as a Sports Tourism destination focusing on international standard training facilities for our home sports teams as well as travelling international teams. 

Our focus with the Tanoa Sports Centre is three-fold: 

  •          Have the best training facilities in Fiji – focusing on the quality of the turf and associated facilities
  •          The athlete’s health and safety is of paramount importance
  •          And Doing it sustainably 

We have removed quite a few trees to facilitate this project, however, rest assured, we are committing to replanting 10,000 trees to enhance our Sports Centre as an added feature to support our sustainable initiatives. Plus we will be using bore water for this project. 

We are committing around half a million dollars on phase 1 of this project to show our loyal sports customers that we are committed to enhancing our facilities and providing them with another added benefit when staying with Tanoa. 

We are also looking at a significant public area upgrade of the Tanoa International in the next 12-18 months which will make it rival some of the 5 star hotels in Fiji.