Reddy Group win Silver Medal

The family owned company (who own the Tanoa Hotel Group) has over the past five years worked hard to further develop the people focused philosophy within the Reddy Group through many different initiatives and activities.  Rohit Reddy (Reddy Group Managing Director) says "We firmly believe a people focused company will always be more successful in the long term.  Our success has always been hinged upon our people as a family operated company.  We were one of the first companies within Fiji to embrace the Quality Circle philosophy.  The concept of actively involving Our People in bringing greater efficiency and continual improvement came fairly naturally to us, conducting this in a formalised and consistent manner was the greater challenge". 

The Group have developed many internal programmes for their staff not just to develop their skills in their current roles but to help those who wish to grow further and realise their full potential.  The company have significant resources available, especially for company of its size.  They invest equally in those who are front line interacting with customers, and those who work in supporting roles back of house in the organisation. 

The Group have developed a document they call The Tanoa Way.  "This is is a benchmark for everyone who works within the Reddy Group, across all levels of the company.  It is a reflection of what is important to all of us, of how we wish to be treated within our workplaces, and how we treat each other, our customers and the company itself" My Reddy said.

To read the full article featured in the Fiji Sun click here.

Date published: 13th November 2015