Since the announcement of Fiji opening its borders on 1 December, Tanoa Hotel Group is ready with the below commitment to welcome back guests: 

  1. Tanoa Hotel Group has dedicated Care Fiji Commitment Ambassadors to implement and operate a robust system that prevents the spread of COVID19.Tanoa Hotel Group has processes in place that can deal with suspected COVID19 cases, individual or multiple cases of the disease that may occur. We have allocated dedicated isolation area to safely manage any risks.
  2. We have made QR Codes available at all our hotels for MANDATORY scanning of care FIJI application at the security gate entrance when entering or departing the hotel premises
  1. Tanoa Hotel Group follows best practices in Food and Beverage services and promotes physical distancing for the health of our employees and delegates. Our venues are considered private and controlled environment where delegates are seated, booked in advance and all risks mitigated as per Hotels’ Safe COVID19 Protocols.
  2. Tanoa Hotel Group continuously updates its Action Plan familiarizing themselves with latest guidelines from various sources such as Fijian Government, Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Fiji, World Health Organization, Border Protection Health Unit, Fiji, Tourism Fiji, Fiji Hotel Association etc. Information from these sources helps to shape our plan of action, monitoring and supporting Tanoa Hotel Group operations.
  3. All Tanoa Hotel Employees are fully vaccinated and future recruitments are required to be fully vaccinated. Our internal communications and training continuously inform current and new measures adopted to manage the threat of COVID19, this includes an Employee Surveillance Protocol and Response Procedures.
  4. Tanoa Hotel Group encourages regular refresher training internally and externally where all employees are updated and trained on the following areas:
    • Hand and respiratory hygiene and physical distancing measures
    • Correct use of Personal Protective Equipment
    • Cleaning and disinfecting methods
    • Employee Health and what to do if feeling unwell
    • Unwell guest and dealing with suspected cases and liaising with authorities
  5. Tanoa Hotel Group uses approved hospital grade chemicals and cleaning products. We prioritise cleaning efforts on high touchpoints areas and areas where delegates or employees are likely to come into close proximity to one another. Cleaning and disinfecting are carried out with increased frequency in all public spaces and frequently touched surfaces are visibly cleaned regularly. This includes door handles, ATMs, handrails, seating, counters, and tables, conference, meeting, and event rooms and equipment.
  6. Tanoa Hotel Group reserves the right to refuse delegates from participating in conferences at our hotels if they are unable to provide confirmation of their vaccination status.



TANOA Hotel Group emphases the below guidelines to stop the spread of any infectious disease or any respiratory viruses including COVID19.  The following steps are strictly to be followed in the event where a participant shows any signs or symptoms of any respiratory virus or COVID19: 

  • Avoid being exposed to respiratory viruses:
    • Avoid close contact with people who are ill with fever, cough, or respiratory symptoms.
    • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently – this is one of the most effective measures available.
    • Note it is mandatory to always wear a mask in public areas
  • Avoid spreading respiratory viruses if you are unwell
    • Stay at home or in your accommodation room if you become unwell, develop a fever or other respiratory symptoms. The Event organiser is required to inform the hotel event management team on any participant being sick to further make risk assessment.
    • Maintain your distance from others – at least 2 metres.
    • Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing and use the nearest waste receptacle to dispose of the tissue after use. If you do not have a disposable tissue cough or sneeze into your elbow.
    • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently – after coughing, before preparing food or eating, after toilet use, after contact with ill persons, or during exposure to high traffic public areas.